Take these items out of your bedroom to improve sleep

Do you lie awake in bed often? If you do, your health and well-being are compromised and it’s time to improve the amount of sleep you get. You may not have considered that there are items in your room that deplete the amount of rest you achieve. Discovering and removing them can make the difference between insomnia and blissful slumber.


Are you guilty of storing items you rarely use under your bed or piling books to read, when you have time, on the bedside cabinet? Are there clothes hanging around that don’t fit in your wardrobe? If you want healthy sleep, get rid of clutter and tidy away items you don’t need in the bedroom. When you do so, air will be better able to circulate, you will be able to move around the room freely, and it will just look so much more pleasing, making it favorable for sleep.

Exercise equipment

The bedroom might have seemed like a perfect place to put cumbersome exercise equipment. Nonetheless, do you want to be constantly reminded of the need to stay fit and healthy when you desire to go to sleep? Your exercise bike, rowing machine or weights might grab your attention when you desire to wind down and relax. Perhaps they will fit in the garage or the hallway? Anywhere other than the bedroom will be an improvement.

Electrical items

Experts often advise people not to have any electrical goods in their bedroom, even electric alarm clocks. How you feel about this could be dependent on your needs. Nonetheless, your laptop and computer probably simulate daylight that your brain registers, which in turn upsets your body-clock and keeps you awake. If you want to use computers in the bedroom, consider downloading Flux, which gets rid of the blue glare and naturally dims as the daylight fades. Also, refrain from playing stimulating computer games at least an hour or so before you turn in, giving yourself time to relax and slow down.


Be honest; are piles of laundry, or an overfilled laundry basket taking up space in your bedroom? If so, you are constantly being reminded that the washing and ironing needs to be done, which isn’t a relaxing thought as you attempt to sleep. Move out anything that brings your attention to household chores, and you might feel more tranquil. After all, if you picture a relaxing haven in your head, you don’t add a laundry basket and ironing board to the picture do you?

Multitudes of sleep aids

Of course, if you have insomnia, you may also have several items that could aid sleep in your bedroom. Indeed, this may be where you want to use them. However, consider how they influence your mind-set toward sleeping. At first, their presence could be soothing. But later, you might start thinking of them like medicine to reduce a health condition. Insomnia ‘is’ a health condition, but be wary of setting your mind to think of it as a permanent fixture. Once you imagine you need to use aids to get to sleep every night, you may come to rely on them.

The answer is to use different sleep aids only now and then, unless they offer a successful outcome each time you use them, and to shut them away in a cupboard, only taking them out when they are in use. The last thing you want your bedroom to resemble is a sleep laboratory designed for a severely sick patient.

Removing items that induce stress from your bedroom is likely to produce a peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, the less your bedroom is cluttered, the more you will feel you can breathe and relax.

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    • bridget

      Hi Natalie, it depends what you are scared of? If your thoughts are scary, try deep breathing, way down into your belly. Keep your breaths, slow, steady and of equal length as you focus on your heart area. When your body begins to relax, picture a bright white light glowing from inside you and surrounding you. Alternatively, you could visualize a special, peaceful place to visit in your mind, using your senses to fill in details. Hope this helps!

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