Stop struggling with life and find inner calm

Struggle is associated with fighting; you fight to overcome an obstacle or assailant. However, life isn’t your enemy, and you aren’t really battling with it; but you may be at war with your mind. When you struggle, you push against the core of your being, which wants peace. You silence your wise self to enter the battlefield. You fight with your critical inner voice, problems, and challenges you don’t know how to overcome. However, the only way to progress in a positive direction is to find inner calm.

When you are calm, you are better equipped to explore what’s before you. You find clarity where there was confusion, and solutions for problems that seemed insurmountable. While stressed, your view of life is narrow, and you can’t see what might help you. You focus on problems rather than answers, and go around in circles getting nowhere.

Life gets easier if you step back from challenges when you are so stressed that you can’t see a way out. Sometimes, seeking solace and peace in nature aids a connection with your core self who knows what is best for you. Strolling along a quiet beach, or sitting in the park, just witnessing what happens in your surroundings, brings a sense of calm.

At other times, meditation is useful. Concentrating on your breath and letting thoughts fade, gives you a break from racing thoughts that trouble you. When thoughts arise, see them as separate from you. Watch them go, and return your attention to your breath.

You can also move away from struggle by carrying out a practical task, perhaps something you’ve needed to do, but not made time for. Concentrating on your physical movements, and what completing a task will achieve, will silence unhelpful thoughts and make your mind peaceful.

Sometimes, the best way to end struggle is to think less, or more about subjects that are grounding and stable for a while. Tending your garden, caring for pets, focusing on cooking a healthy meal; these tasks require you to move your attention on to them and away from problems.

Once your mind is quiet, you’ll find some problems seem less important, and you can put matters into perspective. Ongoing challenges will be easier to manage, especially if you regularly shift your mind to a calm place.

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