Negative emotion is tiring

Negativity is tiring. You might imagine lethargy only stems from over-exertion in a physical sense, but it can also come from emotional toil. Negative emotion drains your mental energy, leaving you exhausted even when you haven’t exercised. When you replenish your psychological well-being your energy returns.

Why negative emotion depletes you

Worrying takes effort. You expend energy when you go round in circles in your head getting nowhere. Constructive thinking, when you are positive and find solutions is energizing. However, repeatedly worrying to no avail weakens you physically and mentally. Listening to your critical inner voice makes you anxious, and the stress chemical cortisol flows. Consequently, your body prepares to fight or flee and disharmony rules.

Tension forms as your muscles tighten, causing aches and pains. At the same time, your digestive system slows down as energy goes elsewhere. The cortisol in your system isn’t used and carries on being made. Consequently, it’s no wonder you feel tired; constant stress lowers your stamina and makes you blue.

Positive emotion is energizing

While negative emotion drains you, positivity does the opposite. Think of a time when you were happy, doing something you love, and remember how energetic you were. You felt good since your body contained feel-good chemicals, and you enjoyed natural ease. When you are happy your body is looser and freer than when you are unhappy; there’s less tension.

Let your emotions fuel you

Think of your emotions as fuel, asking what type of energy you are creating. If your thoughts are pessimistic, you are producing bad fuel that causes you to feel run down. Of course, there are challenges in life; sometimes you won’t feel great. However, the emotion you feel most often will have the biggest impact on you. Thus, if you entertain negative emotion, you will be lethargic on a regular basis.

While you can’t be overjoyed all the time, you can keep an eye on your thinking patterns. Make certain you don’t fall into a rut, going through worries habitually. Choose to shift your focus away from disturbing thoughts that make you unwell. You can acknowledge they exist since ignoring them won’t work, but don’t dwell on them.

Catch yourself in the act of entertaining troubles, fueling tiredness, and move your attention. You don’t have to try and think happy thoughts if doing so feels unnatural, just don’t maintain a pessimistic mindset.

Negative emotion causes fatigue, but you can change tack. Decide to invigorate your mental wellness, strengthening your body in turn. Don’t be upset about having worries, but do acknowledge them and move on to better feelings, and your energy will increase.

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