How to rest your mind

People tend to notice when their body needs to rest, as they recognize symptoms caused by the requirement to reduce physical movement and slow down. However, they often cease to recognize signs that their mind needs to rest and enter a peaceful state away from stress and worry. They might force themselves to carry on regardless of the fact that they are stressed, as they don’t see the need to decelerate and recuperate. What then happens is that their brain registers an overload of anxiety and shoots forth a more recognizable signal for them to take notice of. The sign might arrive as a migraine, insomnia, or another physical symptom, as this is the type of stress signal people tend to take notice of.

The first step towards reducing stress and helping your mind rest can be to learn how to recognize symptoms of tiredness your mind is sending you, before they build into a painful crescendo.

Signs that your mind needs to rest


When your brain is tired, you might find it hard to remember things that you would usually find easy to recall. These so-called ‘senior moments’ need not have anything to do with age, as they can occur when your mind needs to relax.


Do you ever find yourself wrinkling your brow, as you experience an inner-search for sense and logic? If you are finding it hard to comprehend simple ideas and communication, your brain is in need of comfort and space.


Most people are aware that they become snappy and agitated when they are tired. However, very few do anything about this uncomfortable experience. Instead, they put such symptoms down to the tiredness of their body, and wait until an appropriate time to rest their weary bones to relax. In fact, such moods are an indication that their brain is tired and in need of rest, straight away.

Ways of resting your mind

There are many wonderful ways you can rest your mind. However, it can be helpful to learn about those you can use instantly, rather than methods that require you to take time out and be away from other people. The following are ways of attaining a rested mind quickly.

Mindful exercise

Dr. Alice Boyes suggests carrying out an action you need to perform in a mindful way. This means that you focus on the action entirely, by thinking about the movements you make and what you are achieving in that instant.

You can also apply mindfulness to your breathing as you carry out a task, by feeling air enter your lungs as you breathe in and out.

Letting go

When you feel stressed, picture your worries as black smoke you blow into a blue balloon. Visualize securing the balloon, letting it go, and watching it rise into the sky where it bursts, letting out the smoke that has turned white. See the white smoke disappear into the atmosphere.

Clear a space

The act of physically de-cluttering an area and creating space can help you refocus and relieve stress for a while. This quick fix won’t get rid of problems, but it can create instant relief momentarily if you need to rest your mind. If you are stressed, while at work for example, clear your desk. Alternatively, if you are at home, tidy a small area before carrying on with what you were doing beforehand.

If you want to rest your mind more deeply and have time to do so, consider walking in the countryside, practicing yoga, meditation, tai chi or exercising, as these activities can help relax your mind. However, if you need to relax quickly, focus on a task, clear a space, or visualize stress dissolving in a blue balloon. Most importantly, learn how to recognize signs that stress is approaching and relax your mind before larger symptoms arise.


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