How to Combine Meditation With Music

Combining music with mindful meditation is extremely rewarding because it can help regulate your heartbeat, slow down your breath, and make the experience more relaxing than meditating without sound. Using music might not be productive if you are practicing breath meditation or chanting, but it can be beneficial at other times. Knowing how to use melodies wisely can help you get the most out of mindful practice.

Set the scene

Before you begin meditating, set the scene. Make your environment comfortable, and reduce the possibility of potential distractions by using a peaceful place where you are not likely to be bothered. Wear comfortable, loose clothing rather than restrictive garments, and make sure that you have a pillow or cushion to sit on if you feel that this will aid relaxation.

Choosing a music player

Some people like to use an mp3 player with headphones when listening to music as they meditate because it cuts out other noises and helps them experience what they are listening to fully. Other people prefer music played as a background accompaniment to meditation rather than it being the central feature of their practice. Think about which method suits you best and choose a music player that can help you achieve your goal.

Type of music to use

If you do not intend to sit down when meditating, and your aim is to open your mind, but not to increase relaxation, you might not want to listen to music with a slow beat that induces calm. Music with a fast beat that stimulates a beta brainwave state will be best in such a case. However, if you want to feel tranquil, listen to gentle music with a slow tempo as it will help you relax.

Decide how long you want your meditation session to be and select music that will last for that length of time. If it is too short, your focus will be broken, and if it is too long, you are likely to find it difficult to regain an alert state of consciousness while music is playing.

Types of mindful meditation that are partially physical

As already mentioned, there is no need to sit down in order to meditate. You can practice mindful meditation while walking, utilizing yoga exercises, or when carrying out tai chi. In fact, you might even consider activities such as gardening, cleaning the house, ironing, or jogging a meditative practice. Concentrating on physical sensations, and what is happening to your mind, as you move can be valuable, and listening to music simultaneously can help you make the most of the experience.

Matching the type of music you listen to with the kind of meditation you plan to utilize will result in a successful outcome. At the same time, eliminating distractions as far as possible, and making sure that you meditate in a comfortable environment will aid in the creation of a positive experience.

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