Myths about meditation

There are various myths surrounding the art of meditation, from the idea that you have to sit in the lotus position to the assumption that meditating empties your mind of all thoughts. However, debunking misconceptions about practicing can encourage people to learn more and contemplate whether it might be right for them.

You have to be enlightened to meditate

Meditation can bring you closer to enlightenment, which comes from gaining greater awareness. However, you do not have to be a monk, or even follow a guru in order to benefit.

You must sit with your legs crossed

You need to be relaxed when meditating, and some people find the lotus position supportive and comfortable. Nonetheless, you do not need to sit with your legs crossed, and you do not even need to close your eyes. If you feel more comfortable walking while observing nature as you meditate, that is fine.

You have to follow an eastern religion

You are not required to follow any religion to practice meditation. You can be an atheist, or have no idea whether you believe in God and still benefit from meditation.

You must meditate for many hours

While monks might meditate for hours on end, there is no reason you should follow suit unless you want to practice for long periods. Twenty minutes each end of the day can produce wonderful results, expanding your awareness and teaching you about mindfulness.

Meditation makes you sleepy

If you are tired, meditation will make you feel sleepy. However, under such circumstances, you would be better to take a nap than to meditate. Meditating can help you feel calm and balanced, but, if you are alert before you begin, practicing need not make you lethargic or slow. Indeed, many people find that they gain energy after practicing.

Meditating is hard

Countless people refrain from trying to meditate because they imagine that doing so is stressful. Quite the opposite is true, since meditation is not about straining yourself to do, or be anything other than what you are. Sure, you may have heard that you need to empty you mind, but passing thoughts are not really seen as the enemy. When unwanted thoughts arise, you simply acknowledge them, and pay them no attention. They automatically fade when you do not provide them with energy.

Meditation involves chanting

Transcendental meditation does involve chanting, but there are many forms of practice that do not require you to repeat a mantra. TM is highly popular with celebrities, but this does not mean that other forms of meditation are any less beneficial.

Meditation is not just for religious people, or those who have hours to spare to work on their psyche. Anyone can meditate and reap huge benefits.

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    I really enjoy listening to the music while I am sleeping I put in my earbuds and I sleep so peacefully all night. Thank u. Is there anyway that u can make more peaceful tunes/ sounds. Thank u and god bless. I am under ALOT of stress and this has really helped me out. Thank u.