Meditation in Action

You may believe you can only carry out meditation when you are sat cross-legged on a mat. However, this popular image is far from the truth. Of course, you can adopt the pose of a yogi, but if this does not suit you there are other ways to engage in your practice.

Karma yoga

When you engage in karma yoga your mind is full of the task you are carrying out. You act with kindness and compassion, and drop your ego to focus on each movement you make without considering whether you like what you are doing or not. Indeed, you do like what you are doing because your heart is connected with your thoughtful behavior.

When you engage in a job, put your whole self into the activity. Do not think about what you will gain, only about how others may appreciate your action and about your physical movements.

Nature meditation

Instead of sitting down and shutting your eyes to meditate, walk among nature and concentrate on your surroundings. Breathe in fresh air and green fields, make a mental connection with trees and flowers. Become absorbed in the scenery so you are no longer separate.

Listening focus

Sit on a rock or lean against a tree. Meditate by listening so no thoughts enter your mind. For instance, you may focus on birdsong or the sound of the sea and close your eyes. Let the sounds grow in your mind as your brain intensifies what you concentrate on and filters out other sounds. Use your imagination to become the sound.

Asana practice

Meditate on moving your body as you carry out asanas during yoga practice. Feel every stretch, every subtle action, and move slowly. Breathe into poses and gain awareness of even the most intricate ways in which your practice influences you.

Jog to a mantra

Countless runners find it hard to discover a comfortable pace at which to jog. Find a mantra that is meaningful to you and practice when you will breathe in and out to each word or syllable before you set off. Begin slowly and gather speed so you are comfortable, and use your mantra by chanting it in your head to help you keep pace. Meditate on your inner voice and the rhythm of your movement.

You can adopt a traditional pose when you meditate or you can take your practice out into the open. Either way is healthy and can improve your mind-set and well-being.

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