How to apply mindfulness to your life

There are two ways to be mindful. You can give a person, or topic, even if it is the subject of emptying your mind, your full attention, letting other thoughts fade. Also, you can expand your awareness. You can notice more about what’s happening in your environment and inside your body and mind, and gain greater empathy with others.

Mindfulness in meditation

Perhaps the best-known way to practice mindfulness is to do so as you meditate. Meditating on the space between thoughts, while recognizing unwanted inner chatter and allowing it to pass, can bring great peace into your life. If you want to feel balanced and calm, and create a gateway in your mind for insight, you will benefit greatly by practicing twice a day for twenty minutes or more.

Mindful action

When you are mindful, you bring your attention to the present moment. Most people carry out tasks at the same time as thinking about the past or future. They think about what they are about to gain, or what they may lose. Mindful actions cause you to focus on what you are doing instead of letting your mind wander. You stop making judgments about the potential outcome of each task and can begin enjoying the job at hand.

Carrying out tasks mindfully can give your soul a break from mental stress and free you from your critical inner voice. Additionally, rather than resenting chores, you can concentrate on each movement you make. Before you know it, your task will be completed without any hassle.


Empathy often flows into communication and relationships if you practice mindfulness. For instance, you learn how to focus on what a friend is telling you and give her your complete attention. As you actively listen, compassion can flow and your friend will feel better understood. The result will be that you deepen your bond.


As well as noticing more about your surroundings and people, you can learn a great deal about yourself via mindfulness. Focusing on how your body feels and making connections with how you feel emotionally can give you a greater understanding of yourself. In order to expand self-awareness, listen to your body and your gut feelings. Begin to recognize when you feel positive or negative and you will be better equipped to improve your well-being.

Bringing mindful thinking into your experience on a day-to-day basis has the potential to open your eyes to what is really going on inside and outside of you. You can improve your experience of living, your wellness and your relationships.

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