Signs You’re Destined to be Happy

There are definite tell-tale signs that reveal people are destined to live happy lives. Their behaviors provide them with respect from others, fuel their confidence and pave the way for joy.

Step through discomfort

If you feel uncomfortable sometimes, yet step through that unease so you can progress, you are likely to make achievements in life that move you toward your dreams. Happy people understand that growth is not always easy and are not afraid to leave their comfort zone to get what they want.

Create joy

People who create joy instead of looking for it experience the greatest happiness. Once you realize bliss is a choice you make happen you are empowered.

Accept contentment

Unhappy people sometimes go through periods of satisfaction, but they do not think it’s enough. They imagine true joy comes with fireworks and baton twirlers. In fact, the happiest people in the world know steady joy springs from contentment.

Do not look for another half

Happy people are 100% whole; they do not need another half. If they have a romantic partner, they choose to be with them because they want to share their separate journeys together. They are not afraid to have different opinions and tastes to their partner or to have unconnected interests. When they are together they have fun and are best friends.

Look inside to meet needs

No one can be really happy if they look outside themselves to get their needs met. Joyful people discover how to manage their needs by becoming self-aware and managing their ego.

Speak words of truth

Those who keep their feelings under wraps often suffer from stress related conditions. Speaking your truth in a kind way instead of hiding it brings peace.

The world is a playground

Happy people know the world is their playground. They bring their child-like self out for fun and games regularly. They may have a serious job and responsibilities, but they know how to enjoy the gift of life and make the most of time.

Put matters in perspective

Unhappy people dwell on unimportant issues, allowing concerns that will not mean a jot tomorrow to worry them today. Putting concerns into perspective means that happy people have far less stress.

Live in the moment

Those who live in the past or future have a hard time enjoying the present moment. If you want to be blissful, focus on the moment that’s occurring right now and the person you are with.


Studies show the happiest of people are sociable and have a strong network of support. They help others and receive assistance in return. They enjoy their local community and get involved in events. As a result, they feel part of a large family.


It’s almost impossible to feel down when you are busy being grateful for your blessings. Recognize what you have, and do not long for more, and you will be content.

If you show many of the signs mentioned, you are bound to have a happy life ahead of you. If you do not, it’s not too late to follow the example of happier people so you can be like them.

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