How to maintain positive momentum

You may not be happy all the time; however, you can gain positive momentum. Thinking in constructive ways that highlight unseen benefits can help you beat stress while getting the most out of experiences.


Some people seem predisposed to looking on the bright side. They are able to spot benefits relating to even the most dismal of circumstances. Their rose-tinted glasses help them notice blessings where most people perceive gloom. However, the chances are that optimists are not born with a glass half-full disposition. They learn how to think in positive ways.

You can train your brain to seek good news and play down stress. When you allow your thoughts to flow without direction, your emotions are at their mercy. For instance, think that you should be unhappy and you will be miserable, simply because you imagine that people in your situation have the blues. Stop your thoughts in their tracks, however, and you can examine them, turning them over to see whether you would be better served by engaging in a different perspective.

At the same time, you can choose to pay more attention to positive aspects of your life than you do those that are negative. Placing your focus on happiness naturally increases your joy. Challenges may occur, but you have the power to decide how to interpret them, how to react, and how much energy to put into them.

Proactive joy

The more you seek opportunities to be happy and appreciative, the more will arise. Your focus will help you notice them, and you might begin automatically creating them. For instance, you can become aware of the choices before you and select those that bring you joy over those that are misery-makers.

You might think that you already make wise choices, and, indeed, you may do so when it comes to poignant matters. However, it is the small experiences in life that build and make a lasting groove in the psyche. Everyday choices, such as what you watch on TV, the food you eat, and the people you spend most time with can profoundly influence your mood and develop a momentum.

If you have heard people describe their lives in general terms, such as, “my life is boring, or “life is humdrum,” you can be sure that the influence of momentum is in motion. They have created the energy of tedium with their thoughts, emotions and actions. Change all three, or simply thoughts as the others will alter automatically at such a point, and reality will change.

There will be occasions when you automatically react negatively to events. However, do not be hard on yourself, as it even takes monks years of practice to reach a state of mind that is conducive to optimism and balance. Accept your thoughts, whether negative or positive, but choose to spend more time enjoying those that serve you and a momentum of contentment will follow.

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