How your emotions shape your world

Your emotions may seem like a secondary aspect of the creation of your reality. Many people imagine that it is what happens to them that counts. However, your feelings shape your world. What happens to you is not as important as how you react to events. Occurrences, whether positive or negative, could be viewed optimistically or pessimistically depending on how you feel. Additionally, your emotions are responsible for stimulating many of your actions.


Do you ever consider updating your outlook on life? You probably renew your household white goods when they become inefficient, and, no doubt, you update your mobile phone, television, and perhaps your choice of car occasionally. Nonetheless, you may not think about checking whether you hold outdated beliefs or ideas that influence your perspective. Ultimately, it is your perspective that colors your emotions and creates your reality.

Thoughts come before emotions

Your emotions may inspire your behavior, but it is your thoughts that bring about your emotions. If you think that something that happens to you is bad or wrong, you will experience negative feelings. However, if your perspective was different, your thoughts would change. Thus, you would have a different emotional experience.

Why does all of this matter?

If your world is rosy, it is likely that you already have a grasp of how to be happy. You understand that you are in charge of what you think and feel, and you know that whatever happens to you, you can take something constructive from the experience if you try. Nonetheless, this description may not sound like you, at least, not all of the time. Being reminded to gain power over your emotions can only be beneficial.

How negative emotions can be destructive

Putting it simply, if you think that your life is rubbish, you are going to feel like your life is rubbish, and you are going to behave as if nothing matters. Obviously, the example given is rather severe, since the majority of people experience a mixture of happy and sad emotions stemming from love and fear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to shift the balance in your favor though?

Shifting emotional balance

If you want to have more positive emotions, you need to generate more thoughts that are positive. The only problem that you might encounter is that they need to be genuine. There is no point in denying your feelings. If you are sad, angry or frustrated, pretending otherwise will not make you joyful. Starting to create positive thoughts in a small way that does not clash with the feelings you already have can be the answer to reshaping your world.

Change your focus to alter your feelings

Begin to concentrate on what you enjoy about your reality, since this will make joyful aspects of your life expand. Pay more attention to what happens that you like, and think less about what you dislike.

Your emotions certainly have the power to shape your world. If your world is not all that you wish it to be, you can use your feelings to make it change. Evaluate your perspective to check whether it needs updating, and focus on happiness rather than the opposite. You will reap great rewards from making the effort involved.

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