Repetition: The Key to Health

It’s not difficult to create new habits, but making them last can be tricky. You may vow to eat healthy food from this day forward, or to stop smoking and carry out exercise. Nonetheless, after the first few tries, it is easy to slip back into old behaviors. Making habits that increase your well-being and stick might be hard, but there is a solution. Repetition is the key to success.

It does not matter whether you want to learn a skill or train yourself to adopt fresh behavior, repeating actions makes a lasting impression. Every action you perform makes a tiny dent in your psyche. Dendrites, small, spider-like pathways in your brain, grow when you engage in a task often. Carry out the action more and a bigger impression forms, which makes the performance easier next time. Soon, an automatic behavior develops that needs little or no willpower to accomplish.

Swapping French fries for salad a few times is healthy, but your actions will not make you preserve weight loss. Many people experience disappointment when weight loss turns into gain after dieting. They return to former conduct, which piles on the pounds, and the diet they followed only provided a temporary fix.

To drop pounds and inches you need to change your diet in acceptable and achievable ways. Next, engage in chosen behaviors again.

Knowing you can make fresh habits last is empowering, it encourages you to continue your efforts. Nonetheless, you need strength of mind to motivate yourself to repeat behaviors at first. Having said that, how tough you think the task is counts.

Make up your mind that constructing lasting habits is arduous and you are right. Alternatively, choose to believe repeating behavior is a simple, practical endeavor that is easy and this will be true. After all, you engage in countless jobs that you hardly notice each day without struggling mentally with a lack of enthusiasm, even when they are chores you dislike.

Choose to stick with new behaviors that improve your health and know the mere act of repeating helpful behavior paves the way for success. The more often you carry out an action, the easier it is to do so again. See repetition as the trigger to getting the fitness and body you want and a healthier you will be the result.

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