Physical thoughts: Your feelings influence your health

The heart, and other parts of the body, are often referred to when emotions are discussed. You may be heartbroken when grieving, or experience joy in your heart when you are happy. Also, you may think of a difficulty as a pain in the neck, or might be sick to your teeth of a situation. This link between your body and emotions isn’t a mistake, your feelings influence your health.

Your mental and physical well-being are affected by your emotions, which are influenced by your thoughts and beliefs. Hence the placebo and nocebo effect; you can take a sugar pill, believing it will heal you, and find you are cured of a serious disease. Likewise, you can be told the shake you drink every day is full of calories and put on weight, even when it’s calorie-free.

It’s no wonder people become physically ill when they feel emotionally unwell. While stressed, they have numerous negative thoughts, which infiltrate the cells in their body, lower their immunity, and bring about dis-ease.

Dis-ease is, of course, lack of ease. When you are unwell your body experiences struggle rather than ease, and there’s nothing easy about being ill. The opposite of being ill-at-ease, calmness and relaxation, accompany health. When you have a calm mind, potentially stressful situations don’t get to you because you don’t see them as a threat. When you relax, you let the energy in your body flow smoothly and tension is dislodged. If tension was allowed to stay, and became tighter due to stress, you would experience dis-ease.

Being healthy means you learn to relax, not just when vacation-time rolls around, but frequently. You become self-aware, noticing stress creeping into your body and dealing with it before it’s a problem. You practice stress-relieving tactics, like meditation, exercise, yoga, laughter, and listening to uplifting music. At the same time, you take care of your physical needs, nurturing and caring for your body by feeding it wholesome foods. You avoid processed foods, eating natural varieties instead, and drink plenty of fresh water.

Attending to your needs, especially those you usually miss out, will prevent at least some potential illnesses occurring. One way to discover where you are missing suitable nourishment of the body and soul is to reflect on your habits. Do they include consuming a healthy diet and exercise, and meet your intellectual and spiritual needs? Do they include following your dreams and fulfilling your potential? Do they include fostering loving relationships?

If you want to influence your health in a positive way, take care of all aspects of your being that need attention. Relax every day in ways that make you feel good, and release tension before it turns into physical illness. You have the power to take charge of your healing and well-being. You may not always be able to cure yourself of illness, but you can avoid many diseases that stem from a lack of self-love.

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