Eat Clean: The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight Forever

Do you struggle with your weight, bouncing from one diet to the next? Alternatively, perhaps you have given up struggling, but are not happy about how much you weigh. If either of these scenarios sound familiar, there’s good news; you can stop following diet fads and lose weight successfully with clean eating.

Most people who want to lose weight follow one fad diet after the other. They often drop pounds and inches and feel elated. Then comes the crash; all the weight they’ve lost returns and they feel depressed about their body again. The cycle continues, weight’s gained and lost, and lows follow highs. Living this way is like being on a roller coaster. Your emotions are never stable and your self-esteem regularly plummets.

Other people give up on diets. They accept that they are never going to be happy with the skin they’re in. They want to look and feel better, but assume there is no way to change.

What’s clean eating?

Many modern foods consumed are far from natural. Indeed, much of them are not real food. They start life in a natural state, but manufacturers alter them with additives and they become something else. They’re edible, but most goodness is gone, and what’s left is overwhelmed by sugar and colors, preservatives and other chemicals the human body cannot handle well. The result is that people become fat. They eat what is readily available, and appears appetizing, and are unaware about the damage they are doing to their health.

When you eat clean food, you avoid preservatives, processed foods, too much sugar, and artificial sweeteners and chemicals. You make healthy food selections. You prepare food instead of buying ready meals and takeaways. You choose fresh, local ingredients and go organic when possible.

Most pre-packaged and prepared foods in supermarkets contain unclean ingredients such as preservatives. You can still occasionally eat cakes, fried foods and candies; yay! However, you probably need to make them yourself to make sure healthy oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil are used and other clean ingredients. If you like chocolate, choose high cocoa content that’s dark and slightly bitter. You will find sweet flavored foods such as apples and dates can be substituted for sugar when you make food treats as your taste buds become more sensitive.

If reading ingredient labels is daunting, stick to fresh foods that are not sprayed with chemicals. Making your own meals is the best solution to eating clean without worrying about how your food’s prepared. As a bonus, you can add spices and herbs to suit your personal taste. Also, you will discover that your taste buds are more effective then you imagined. Foods will taste better; they’ll have more flavor, and you’ll notice the natural sugar in them and will not need to add extra.

If you eat a clean diet, you’ll lose weight while improving your immunity. Also, food will taste better, you can have meals prepared to suit you personally, and you will be in charge of your health instead of giving in to the money-spinning artificial food industry that doesn’t care if you are fat or ill.

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    • bridget

      Hi Vanessa. Hypnotherapy can be part of a weight loss toolbox, used alongside other practical and exploratory activity. I wouldn’t see it as a quick-fix; it’s more of a way of tackling underlying emotions, reducing cravings and creating a better relationship with self-care. Some hypnotherapists would tell you otherwise, but long-term weight loss usually requires more than positive affirmations and visualization. You could use it to gain body confidence and self-belief, which is likely to be valuable. I would recommend expanding self-awareness surrounding behaviors that influence weight, perhaps keeping a food diary, and using hypnotherapy to tackle negative thinking patterns and increase motivation.