5 Ways to increase health with the law of attraction

You have probably heard of the law of attraction, a way of bringing what you want into your life, but may not recognize its benefits regarding increasing health and well-being. Countless people only seem to think of practicing attraction as a means of magnetizing money. However, they could use it in other important areas of their lives.

Rewire your brain for health

If you want to attract better health, you can program your mind to adopt patterns that encourage a healthy lifestyle. When using the law of attraction, first clarify exactly what you want, and then form an intention. The act of doing so heightens focus on goals, making them clear. Aims are intensified, taking precedence over whatever might have usually been in the way of fulfilling wishes. As a result, you begin to think differently. With your mind set on reaching a clear target, you begin to act in beneficial ways.

Whether you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle or concentrate on using positive intention to improve your immune system, you can do so by forming a definite intention. For instance, the intention “I want to be healthy” is ill defined. It would be better to form the intention “I want to become fitter via regular exercise.” Once your intention is created, you will automatically have a good idea as to the actions you need to take in order to accomplish your desire.

Match behavior with your intention

Become mindful about being healthy. When you carry out any behavior, ask yourself whether it supports your aim. Keep referring back to your goal in your everyday life and you will find that you will start to act differently, since you will make wiser decisions that work for you rather than against you.

Gain awareness

Working with attraction makes you more aware of what is going on in your life, regarding the topic at the forefront of your mind, simply because you are constantly thinking about your goal. You can take this enhancement of awareness a step further by purposefully recognizing how you feel. Think about how your environment and other people make you feel. Everything has the power to influence your well-being if you pay it enough attention.

For instance, if you focus on loud noises coming from your neighbor’s house each evening, you are going to feel stressed. You might not be able to alter your environment, but you can notice how it affects you and make helpful changes personally. For instance, if your neighbor refuses to be quiet, you can wear earphones and listen to soothing music, or move your bed into a different room if the noise persists into the night.

Likewise, some aspects of your environment might be helpful. Once you discover factors that make you feel great you can use them more often. For example, if being around the sound of water, such as the ocean or a natural waterfall feels healing, you can listen to an audio recording of the sea at home, or buy a small, indoor waterfall of your own.

According to attraction, keeping a positive vibe aids receiving what you want. Instead of becoming anxious and putting up resistance to achieving your aim, you can strengthen attraction.

Strengthen your focus even further

Create a vision board, showing elements of your intention. For instance, on a cork-board you could pin a photograph of yourself when you were at your fittest, along with the date you want to achieve optimum health circled on a calendar. You might also place a page of exercises from a fitness magazine, and a few healthy recipes and pictures of the types of foods you want to start eating. Look at your vision board several times a day and add material as you come across anything inspiring.


At a time when you are comfortable and relaxed, practice deep breathing exercises for a few moments, and then picture yourself in perfect health. See yourself carrying out normal, day-to-day activities and imagine how good it feels to be perfectly healthy as you do so.

Forming a clear intention, or goal, about your health, creating a vision board, focusing on your aim, acting in beneficial ways to support your intention and visualizing perfect health can help you attract well-being.

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