Reach Your Goals Using NLP and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction works on the principle that what you focus on expands. When you pay attention to a subject, you generate energy that fuels what you are thinking about. For example, if you concentrate on your spouse’s good points, he or she will be encouraged to behave in more ways that you appreciate, especially if you make your gratitude known. If you want to reach your goals using attraction, you can use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as part of your plan in order to make magnetizing what you want even easier. Joining the power of both practices will strengthen the process of accomplishing your ambition.

Why NLP powers attraction
NLP involves programming the mind for success via verbal instruction. When you engage in the practice of NLP, you can form new pathways in your brain that help you feel, think and behave in ways that you desire. The process that the brain carries out to accommodate new experiences does not differentiate between happenings created in reality and those formed by your imagination during programming. According to attraction, emotion is the key to altering what happens to you. Consequently, if you combine encoding your brain with the law of attraction, you will bring about your intention.

Goal setting with clarity
Begin by clarifying your goal so that your intention is clear. Put your desire into simple words, and place them at the end of a timeline. You can picture the line in your mind or draw it on paper. At the beginning, write “past,” and at the end, where you have written your goal, write “present.”

You may feel confused, since you are aware of being at the start of your journey. Nonetheless, part of getting to your destination involves imagining that you are already there. Doing so takes a leap of imagination, but if you continue to think you are at the initial stage of traveling, you will stay there. All that stands between you and the realization of your aim is a space waiting to be filled with the magic of imagination.

Experience the reality of your target
Carry out a powerful NLP exercise to discover the necessary actions required to get what you want. Additionally, you will spark the energy required to attract your aspiration while the exercise occurs. Sit in a quiet place and pay attention to your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths, and ignore minor distractions.

While you are relaxed, experience an imaginary reality in which you have reached your objective. Use your senses to live in your visualization. Furthermore, flood the images you see with sharp, bright color, and hear sounds involved in your experience with precision. Feel textures and notice scents. Additionally, notice the ground beneath your feet.

Now, see a curious friend, who wants to know what you did to accomplish your dream, enter the scene. Hear yourself telling your friend the steps you took that led to victory.

Create a plan
Once you are back in the present-day, write the information you have gleaned in a journal and use the knowledge to make a plan of action.

Keep attraction strong with visualization
Continue to visualize your target each day, using your senses to increase clarity and emotion. Doing so will refresh your motivation and reinforce attraction.

Unite programming and attraction to ensure the accomplishment of your goal and your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

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