Stimulating food and drink to avoid if you want to relax

While some foods calm the body and mind, others energize it or leave it feeling uncomfortable. Learning which foods and drinks can have an adverse affect on your system when you want to relax can be useful.


Spices are sometimes associated with healing, as they can have medicinal properties. However, they tend to be highly stimulating to the system, and warm the body as they thin the blood, thus speeding up metabolism. Yogi masters often recommend not eating spices if you want to be calm and relaxed. In addition, spicy food can give you heartburn, which in turn, makes it hard to sleep.

If you want to eat food containing spices, do so before mid-afternoon. Alternatively, if you feel that your nerves are on edge all the time, consider not eating spicy food, or experimenting by cutting spicy food from your diet for a while and seeing if any changes occur.

Acid-forming foods and drinks

Acid-forming foods and drinks might make you feel edgy and stressed, as they can deplete the body of magnesium. Magnesium helps switch off adrenalin and loosen up your muscles. Without it, you can become nervous and jittery.

Acid-forming foods and drinks include wine, bread, wheat, rice, salmon, pork, prunes, pasta, peanuts, mushrooms, ham, cheese, hazelnuts, coffee, chocolates, lobster, maple syrup, cornmeal, crab, eggs, mackerel, cream, flour, mussels, clams, fried foods and asparagus.

You don’t need to give up acid-forming foods, as many are very good for you in various ways. Instead, try to eat a balanced diet that also includes many alkaline-based foods such as carrots, broccoli, lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale, pineapple, apples, cherries, pumpkin, almonds, pears, chard, and beets.

In addition, don’t get confused by acidic foods compared to acid-forming foods. Some acidic foods are no longer considered acidic by the time they are converted in your system. Thus, although lemons are acidic, they actually become alkaline when you consume them.

A great deal of the food and drink you probably already know is bad for you is acidic. Junk food and alcohol fall into this category. Eating a healthier diet might automatically mean that you consume less acid-forming food and drink.


Stimulating caffeine, found in cola, coffee, tea, cocoa, energy drinks and some headache pills could keep you awake at night and prevent you from relaxing during the day.

The business of avoiding or cutting down on food and drink that can stop you relaxing may seem difficult at first. However, aiming to consume a balanced, healthy diet will automatically mean that you go a long way towards achieving your aim.


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