Mind Your Health

Many people only think about their health when they are in a state of lack. When they are ill, they may relieve their symptoms. However, the best way to mind your health is to prevent disease instead of waiting for signs of distress.

Start with food

Most natural foods have healing and defensive properties. Eating the right types in the correct amounts can often stop disease from appearing. There is a huge amount of advice available about what you should and should not consume if you want to be healthy. However, guidance is always changing so it can be hard to know what is best.

Perhaps the most useful information to take note of is to eat real foods as opposed to manufactured varieties. Most foodstuff in packages with labels is unnatural, or has been altered and is less healthy than it should be. Make sure you buy foods in their natural state if possible.


Humans are not designed to sit still all day, they are meant to move. Even if you are not a fitness fan, you may still enjoy certain forms of exercise. Team sports add fun and competition to exercise and may motivate you. If you prefer to practice alone, go for a walk, swim, cycle, or bounce on a trampoline.

Respect your body

Take care of your body and it will work better. Stop thinking of massage, reflexology, acupuncture and other therapies as surplus to everyday needs. Just because they feel good does not mean that they are methods of indulging yourself. Many therapeutic practices are considered forms of pampering when they are healthy ways to treat your body with respect and kindness.

Listen to your mind

Your mental well-being is as important as your physical health. Indeed, if you are anxious, emotional stress will show in your body as illness. Your mind tells you when it needs attention in the form of worries, mental tension, and nervousness.

If your thoughts race, you go over unwanted thoughts, or you have no emotional energy, your mind needs support to cope. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, mindfulness, and immersing yourself in nature can help you relax and unwind so you have a healthy mental state.

Self-care is the best way to keep your health. Do not dismiss signs from your body or mind that all is not well; take action when you are under the weather. At the same time, build your health constantly with nutritious foods, exercise and stress maintenance.

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