Good Reasons to Have a Workout Buddy

Perhaps it’s time to consider finding a buddy for company and support if you workout regularly by yourself. Exercising alone may be convenient, but the benefits of taking along a friend who is serious about health and fitness are worthwhile.

Increased motivation

When you tell your buddy about your training goal, she’ll cheer you on and help you overcome lethargy and mental fatigue. There will be moments when you consider giving up and not stretching yourself to achieve more, but your buddy will not allow you to let yourself down. Also, just knowing that she is going to be with you as you train will encourage you to make an effort.

You won’t miss sessions

Summoning the energy to exercise is tough when you are tired or distracted. There are so many other things to do that may seem more important than training at the time. However, your workout buddy is likely to encourage you to push forward when you do not want to bother. Additionally, if your friend depends on you for company, you won’t want to disappoint her. Maybe she will not exercise without you or will be miserable. It’s difficult to put off training when your absence upsets someone; you’d feel guilty if you did not arrive as planned.


Exercising is lonely at times, especially if you do not attend a gym or class where you know people. There can be plenty of funny moments during training and it’s good to have someone to share them with. Take a friend and you will not have to laugh alone. At the same time, you can socialize as you workout. Being able to do so otherwise is not always easy when you spread your time between work, family and training.

Shared knowledge

What you can achieve alone may not be as much as you can accomplish with a friend. You are both bound to discover interesting tips to share that aid weight loss, fitness, stamina and motivation. Similarly, if one of you is injured or over-training, the other can provide helpful advice and support. You will not have to worry about being alone on an isolated country track when you twist your ankle because your friend will be there to help you.

The support, fun and camaraderie you gain from having a workout buddy is too valuable to miss. Find a friend who has similar goals and is willing to put time and effort into training and you’ll be glad you no-longer exercise alone.

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