5 Ways to maintain health when you are busy

It’s tempting to let health slide when you are busy; there’s so much to cram into your day that personal wellness is left on the back-burner. You might tell yourself that when the latest project you’re working on is finished you’ll take better care of yourself. Or, you might imagine skipping healthy activities for a while won’t do you harm. However, when you ignore your basic needs you are bound to suffer. Your immune system may plummet while your waistline expands, and this will put your well-being at risk. The answer is to find ways to lead a balanced lifestyle, despite your hectic schedule.

Sleep well

Studies show that lack of sleep is often linked with ill health. When you don’t sleep well, your ability to fight off disease is depleted. You also face other adverse reactions such as lethargy, the urge to eat fatty, sugary foods, and a poor memory. In order to operate at your best, you need between six to eight hours sleep each night, depending on your particular requirements, as some people need a little more or less shuteye than others.

You are likely to enjoy good sleep if you keep a regular bedtime schedule involving turning in at a similar time and winding down gradually as that time approaches. Avoid stimulating mental or physical activity close to bedtime, as well as heavy meals and caffeine.

Reduce stress

Stress has a huge impact on your physical and emotional health. When you are under too much pressure, your immune system weakens, and you might also feel gloomy. Your vitality will wain as you begin to find everyday life a drudge. You can reduce stress by practicing a calming activity like yoga, tai chi, or meditation. Learning how to quieten your mind, so it doesn’t buzz with excitement or negative thoughts, will make you peaceful and influence your well-being.


Yes, you’re busy, but there’s always time for exercise. Just getting up from your desk to pass messages to colleagues and stretching regularly can influence your health. When possible, take the stairs instead of the lift, and consider walking to work if the journey isn’t too far. Even if you decide to spend twenty minutes walking close to home each evening you could improve your wellness.

Keep in-touch with joy

If you’re constantly rushing, it’s no wonder you may forget about the simple, joyful things that make living worthwhile. Remember to gaze at sunsets, listen to the ocean and birdsong, and seek out what’s beautiful and amazing in your environment. Purposely spend ten minutes per day, perhaps while on the way to work, looking for things that make you smile or experience appreciation. Once you let gratitude flow, your energy and enthusiasm will grow.

Eat well

Of course it’s easier to grab fast food on the go, but you can only do so for a limited time before your body and mind are harshly influenced. Try preparing meals in bulk at the weekend and freezing them for the week ahead. Additionally avoid binge drinking alcohol. That glass of wine with dinner each evening could easily turn into half a bottle if you don’t keep a check on your consumption. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and eat a balanced diet.

You may imagine you can get away with making unhealthy decisions regarding your well-being, but they will mount up. Choose to adopt sensible practices and make them a habit now to protect your health and happiness.

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