Permission to Be Idle: Doing Nothing is Good For You!

The modern world is full of stress and strain, but if you take time to daydream and while away the hours occasionally, the pressure accompanying your lifestyle could fade. Additionally, when you are busy multitasking, your mind is full. The practice of emptying your mind can relieve stress and help make you more creative. Doing nothing might be the opposite of what you think you should be achieving, but it could be good for you.

Strangely enough, you might need to make an effort to be idle. After-all, if you usually rush around trying to fit in as many activities as you can, lying down as you gaze mindlessly at the clouds drifting by might seem wrong. However, perhaps it is time to disregard naysayers who tell you that the only way to be successful is to work, work, and work. Chances are that their idea is only partially true. Everyone needs to be idle now and then in order to reap the benefits of not overloading their brain with environmental stimulation.

Stress reduction

Having nothing to do, including not thinking, can take you back to the freedom of childhood. Remember the times when you were a kid and you had nothing to worry about other than whether to climb a tree or fly a kite? Adults rarely accomplish the same degree of liberation from pressure that children feel as they play since they have countless responsibilities to consider. Letting thoughts about paying bills and finishing tasks go for a while can feel like bliss compared to constantly worrying.

Lighten your mind by paying attention to the moment. Become aware of your surroundings, and take delight in what is happening around you rather than thinking about the past or future.


Research tells us that when we let our minds drift aimlessly, we use similar parts of our brain as when we are being creative. Artists who are at a loss for inspiration usually have too much on their minds. Likewise, most people do not free their minds enough to let creativity flow. Whether you want to have an abundance of ideas, discover inspiration, or create wonderful works of art, doing nothing will help you achieve your aim.

Get away from gadgets

Technology can be amazingly useful. However, use it all the time and you will lose touch with nature and the natural rhythm of life that heals the soul. Shutting down your computer and going out for a walk is likely to make you more productive when you return to your desk. Furthermore, doing so will help you tune in to your surroundings and relax.

When you next open your diary, pencil in time to be idle as an important part of each day. The benefits you will reap will be worth the effort!

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