How to Set Goals and Reduce Stress

There may be times when your responsibilities become a burden, and you do not know how to meet expectations. This can lead you to feel overwhelmed and lacking in emotional energy to cope with the situation. Stress caused by a sense of not being able to cope with life can be an isolating experience. Many people become depressed and feel lonely and stressed if they have no direction in life, or plan to guide them through difficulties. Learning how to work towards a goal, gradually, can give you motivation and resilience to the knocks and setbacks life will sometimes throw your way.

Goal setting will only work if realistic steps are reached for. Ones which are too far out of reach or too big to handle will only serve to cause further stress, as they confirm your ability to fail while attempting to get to them. Small steps, which are achievable and let move you along in the right direction are best.

The way to begin goal setting is to formulate a personal plan. Don’t just do so in your head: use paper and pens in bright colors to lay out exactly what you need to do. This way you can refer to your plans often, and see how far you have progressed while checking out the next step.

Place the final goal your want to work towards at the end, or middle of your chart, and add baby steps towards it. You may like to chart your progress with a particular time frame in mind to motivate you to reach steps by particular dates. If you do so be mindful to give yourself plenty of time, and to alter your time plan if changes around you upset progress now and then.

Make it your job to become your very own life coach. Each time you feel stress and despair, think of a response a life couch would give you, and motivate and encourage yourself to reach set targets.

When you achieve success and pass each step along the way, reward yourself appropriately. A reward can be anything from a bubble bath and glass of wine, to watching a funny movie with a friend or buying a new item of clothing. Make sure that your rewards suit you well to help keep you working towards the next step in your plan.

You can reduce stress significantly by goal setting. Feeling that you have a purpose, and plan in life can help you achieve success and gain confidence along the way.

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