How to Keep Your Life in Balance

Keeping your life in balance is a way to ensure the likelihood of happiness and contentment coming your way. You can create a lifestyle that keeps you feeling great by adopting helpful daily habits.

Look After Yourself

When you are busy, it is easy to inadvertently sweep your needs under the carpet and tell yourself you will take care of problems tomorrow. However tomorrow never comes, which is why you need to address any imbalance created by unfulfilled needs today. If you have a niggling health worry or practical problem that requires solving do not procrastinate. Gain control of your life and give yourself some well-deserved respect.


You need a certain amount of exercise each day in order to feel good and stay healthy. Be mindful of your health by purposefully exercising. For example take the stairs to your destination instead of a lift if possible, and walk instead of driving. If you work at a desk remember to get up occasionally, stretch and shake old energy from your arms before getting back to work. If you work at a computer relax and exercise your eyes by focusing away from the screen every now and then.


Make sure you have a balanced diet containing protein, fiber, carbohydrates and vegetables to ensure you receive all of the nutritious benefits that good food can offer. Have an occasional treat, but respect your body by avoiding too much fatty and sugary food.


Most people need between six to eight hours sleep per night. Aim to have energizing sleep by slumbering on a comfortable mattress in a bedroom decorated to suit your taste, and take plenty of hours to rejuvenate.

Lift Your Spirits

Each day become inspired by marveling at the beauty of nature and breathing in its goodness, and by reading or watching spiritually enlightening material. You can also gain an energy boost by making it a daily habit to indulge in a small luxury that is just for you. It may be a bubble bath with scented candles and calming music that helps you to feel good, or spending quality time with people who you love and whose presence you find cheers you.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Most people practice negative self-talk at some point in the day. Putting themselves down in this way can make them feel low and lacking in energy. Instead, correct yourself when negative inner chatter occurs and think of at least two positive statements you can make for every bad one that happens. Soon, positive self-talk will become second nature to you.

Be Thankful

At the end of each day remind yourself about what you are thankful for that has happened to you in the past twenty-four hours. This is a great way of adding a warm glow to your soul and providing yourself with happy dreams and refreshing sleep.

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  1. Daphne

    I really enjoy this app. I uses it last summer and find myself needing it again this year. I sleep soon as my feet leave the floor because I exhaust all my energy in the day though I wake in the am still so exhausted this app helps me relax shut the mind off and breath properly. I love this app. It puts the grand babies to sleep too!!!!

  2. Ally

    Great way to view life daily. Being thankful for being alive and living each day to the fullest. Great advice- been using it and I have been feeling great!