How to de-stress instantly

When you feel stressed, nothing seems to go well. You think negative thoughts and imagine the worst will happen, and often, in response to your negativity, it does. So how can you alter your mood and begin dealing with your day in an improved manner?

Lighten your load

Stress feels like an overload of negativity. Dumping some of the load can make you feel lighter. There are several ways you might be able to achieve your aim, depending on the circumstances that are causing your stress.

  • Delegate tasks
  • Share concerns
  • Ask for advice
  • Brainstorm ideas about how to cope

If your workload is too hefty, and this is why you are stressed, get someone to help you. There again, if your anxiety stems from a worry that’s going around inside your head, bring it out in the open and tell someone you trust. If there are other people you can turn to for advice, ask them what they would do in your situation.

Alternatively, if there is no one you can go to for help, brainstorm ideas by drawing a spider map. Place your main worry in the middle of the map, and draw legs coming from the central point with a different way you could manage your problem at the end of each one.

Break down your load

Once you’ve lightened your burden by shifting some of your workload, getting a friend to listen to your woes, asking for advice or brainstorming ideas, break down what’s left into smaller parts.

Instead of focusing on how impossible a task is, whether it’s getting over a relationship that’s gone awry, or cramming for an exam, look at small-term goals that work towards solving what ails you.

If you don’t have time to work out a plan, but need to de-stress instantly, concentrate on taking each moment as it comes. Don’t think about the future or the past. Try being present in the moment. If you catch your thoughts slipping into the past or future, gently remind yourself to refocus on what you are doing.

There are many aids to relaxation that may help you de-stress quickly such as aromatherapy oils, visualization and meditation. You can also de-stress quickly by encouraging feel-good hormones to fill your system. However, if your stress stems from a known cause, the best way to deal with it is to reduce it and break it down into small, manageable parts you can cope with better.

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