How to de-clutter your brain and relax

If you want to de-clutter your brain, it must feel to you as though there is too much going on inside it. In addition, the information it’s filled with could be negative, hence, you want to remove it. Everyone has a certain amount of negativity he or she carries, sometimes referred to as emotional baggage. They can also have too many thoughts at once, which can feel like an overload. In truth, there are not a set number of thoughts your brain can accommodate. However, perhaps your thoughts arrive too fast, or are the variety you don’t want to keep.

Emotional baggage

Emotional baggage can be any negative thoughts, from those concerned with past relationships that haven’t gone well, to reservations about your childhood. Sometimes memories can be disabling, as they prevent you from moving forwards, and they certainly prevent you from relaxing. Letting go of the past can make space in your brain for a fresh start and a brighter future.

De-clutter your brain by accepting that the past has already had its time and your attention. You can’t change it, and moving on is a decision, once any initial grief is dealt with. There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they need to decide to take charge of whom they are and how they carry themselves into new experiences. If they take along old baggage, it’s going to weigh them down. However, if they make a conscious decision to let it go and forgive people from the past, they discover more room in their brain to accommodate positive thoughts.


When thoughts come thick and fast they can be confusing. This is likely to occur when you haven’t assimilated information you are attempting to comprehend, or, when you are mentally overstimulated. In order to relax you need to slow down your thoughts so that they don’t arrive so quickly.

If you are working on a project or studying information you find perplexing, slow down your attempts to learn and break down information into smaller steps. The same is true when dealing with thoughts that buzz around in your brain, causing you panic, or just keeping you alert when you want to relax and unwind. Concentrating on steps needed to carry out a relaxing activity might help you, as might exercise such as yoga.

Sometimes, it can feel great to de-clutter totally for a while and think about as little as possible. Doing so is the equivalent of giving your brain a mental shower, as it washes away negativity, makes your mind still and calms your system.

You can de-clutter your brain and relax by dealing with emotional baggage that haunts you. In addition, you can slow your thoughts by breaking difficult mental tasks down into small steps. You might also like to give your brain a break by concentrating on nothingness, whether it’s the sound of silence or a blank screen you visualize in your mind.

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