Health problems that can disturb sleep

Studies show that not getting enough sleep can lead to illness. However, what happens if a lack of sleep stems from health problems in the first place? If a medical condition is stopping you from sleeping, you may be prone to acquiring more health problems than you had to begin with. Therefore, dealing with the cause of a poor sleeping pattern is essential if you want to increase rather than decrease your well-being.

Sleep apnea

Unlike regular snoring sleep apnea is potentially a dangerous condition. It resembles normal snoring in many ways, but is essentially different, as it can cause people to stop breathing for up to 20 seconds at a time, and may occur frequently throughout the night.

People with sleep apnea wake regularly, and although they tend to go back to sleep their condition occurs so often they don’t get a chance to experience deep, healing sleep, and can suffer from tiredness and a bad mood during the day as a result. Sleep apnea can also be associated with other serious conditions that require treatment. Essentially, if you suspect that you suffer from the condition it’s important that you seek a medical diagnosis, as you might need treatment.

Pain and discomfort

Pain is often a major cause of insomnia, leaving people awake for hours on end, as they do their best to try to find a comfortable position to lie in. Health problems from toothache to arthritis can result in pain and tenderness that stops people sleeping.

The best way to gain better sleep is to deal with the issue that’s causing you to feel pain as swiftly as possible. However, adopting a sleeping position that helps align your spine and takes pressure from areas of your body where pain is experienced can be a great help.

Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome, otherwise known as RLS, can be a very uncomfortable condition that causes your legs to feel twitchy. You may go to bed feeling extremely tired, only to discover that you just can’t get comfortable enough to be able to gain any shuteye.

Sufferers might feel pain and other sensations such as throbbing and tingling in their legs. If the condition is severe, medical help might be required in order to make sure that another health problem isn’t the root cause. However, many people with RLS find that getting out of bed and walking around for a short while can alleviate the problem.

Alzheimer’s disease

People with Alzheimer’s disease usually find it hard to sleep at night and are more likely to sleep in the form of brief catnaps in the day. Their inability to rest at nighttime can be a problem for other people who live with them, as their constant pacing and fretting can leave them awake too. Light box therapy early in the morning, following a routine and adequate exercise can sometimes help Alzheimer sufferers, and their carers, sleep better.


Depression can easily keep you awake at night, as you constantly go over problems in your mind. You might wake frequently; find it difficult to drift back to sleep or find that you wake-up very early in the morning before you want to. Listening to relaxing music, meditating and avoiding stimulants a few hours before bedtime can reduce your risk of having insomnia.

Disturbed sleep can make you feel dreadful the following day, and be uncomfortable to have to deal with at night. Knowing if the sleep problems you experience are caused by a health condition can help you gain an idea as to where to start when attempting to get a good night’s sleep.


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