Using energy in the moment

You are always using energy; everything you do requires effort. However, you might not recognize your drive and inspiration is created from thought. What you think about increases or decreases your strength, or rather, what you feel generates the mental power you experience. Thoughts arise, which stir feelings, and your emotions determine the type of energy you produce. It’s necessary to release energy in a timely fashion, otherwise, it has nowhere specific to flow.

Using energy unwisely

Have you ever encountered someone who verbally bit your head off, although you did nothing to instigate the situation? Or, maybe you sometimes snap because you are irritable, but can’t identify the source of your irritation. Since you can’t explain your frustration, you look around you for the cause of your trouble. If there’s someone there, you think; “It’s you!” You must be the cause of my bad mood!”

When you produce energy with your emotions, perhaps because you are fearful or upset, the power you’ve summoned needs to go somewhere. Deal with what bothers you instantly and the power disappears; it’s been used. Hide your emotions because you think they are inappropriate, and the energy they make hangs around in your system. The next person you meet, providing you aren’t trying to impress them by holding back, gets it; your energy floods out forcefully.

The same goes for any emotion; once produced it doesn’t go away until it is released. If you don’t express your feelings, they blurt out of you physically, or verbally, or seep into your system. Emotions that go inwards, due to having no relief, have an impact on your physical health and mental well-being.

Using energy successfully

Those times when you are correctly using energy leave you well. You feel light because you aren’t weighed down by unexpressed feelings. There’s no heaviness or pressure, which becomes stress. You can achieve such wellness by recognizing your emotions as they occur and acknowledging them. You can let your feelings out verbally, or physically. There’s no need to shout them out loud if you don’t want to, but you need to release them.

Ways to release emotions

Feelings can be expressed during a conversation, written in a journal, or calmed and reduced with positive thinking, which we’ll talk about in a moment. You can release emotions that have influenced you physically in the form of tension with exercise. It is also possible to reduce the energy of stress with therapy, art, or another expressive outlet.

Calming to reduce pressure

Just as you can talk yourself into something, you can talk yourself out of tension. As you do so, negative energy decreases. For instance, you might take the thought; “Everyone lets me down,” and change your perspective. You might start by telling yourself that not everybody lets you down. The internal dialog may go something like this: “There have been times when people were trustworthy and reliable. On those occasions, all was well. In fact, there are more people in my life I can depend on than there are those who are unreliable.”

As you think calming thoughts, old energy will dissipate. This calming exercise is a way of gently transforming built-up feelings into a healthy form.

You produce and expend energy continually. However, now and then you don’t release your emotions, and they need an outlet. Leave them to fester, and your health and wellness will decrease. Let them out wisely, though, and the opposite will occur; you’ll feel happy and light.

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