The Secret to a Joyful Life

The word secret may be misleading; you see, there is no secret to leading a happy life, the ancients always knew the answer. Indeed, countless modern people also know that you have to create happiness rather than find it in a book, lecture or schedule. You create your joy instead of waiting for it to catch up with you or running after it desperately.

Look inside

The way you think influences what you see. Your expectations color your vision, which stems from your thoughts. Expect to see misery and that’s what will happen. You will look for misery until you are proved correct. Search for positive aspects of life, however, and there they will be.

If you see sadness, disappointment or stress everywhere at the moment, say ‘thank you’ and recognize that your perception is a tool for self-growth. Your experience of life is a reflection of your thinking style. Those days when you get out of the right side of the bed, nothing goes wrong. In fact, it probably does but you search for joy and find what you are looking for. On those days when you wake up feeling blue, you tune into dissatisfaction and low emotions that get you down. The world reflects your mind like a stage on which your thoughts play.

Set the stage and change the play

You own the theater of your mind and can set the stage however you want. When you realize this, life is fun! You have the power to have the life you have always wanted. Become clear what that is exactly and set your stage to suit your wish. If you want freedom, clarity, creativity, anything, focus on what you want. Set your mind up to meet what you wish for and your dream will come true.

It does not matter if the play you have been living has been unfortunate because nothing is forever. Everything changes to meet the reflection you want to produce. Bring happiness to you by opening your eyes to what’s already there. Soon, you will attract even more joy. Happy people and circumstances magnetize that which is similar to them.

Tune in

Tune your mental vibrations to nature and beauty. Spend time noticing creations all around you that fill your heart with wonder. Start to appreciate your blessings and know by doing so you are increasing them. While it’s true you cannot control the reflection others cause, and their vision of life may touch you, your play is more important when it comes to what you see. Your mind-set will help you deal with what comes your way. Whether others deeply influence you or not is up to you. If you feel fantastic and know life is wonderful, but someone behaves negatively around you, their actions will go over your head instead of getting in and settling down.

You are the secret key to your joy and you always have been. Now you know, however, you can set the stage of your mind-theatre and create the play of life you deserve.

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bridget webber

Bridget Webber’s background rests in mental health, counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP and art. She brings knowledge from her experiences into her writing and specializes in emotional wellness and the creation of, rather than search for, joy. You can catch up with her insights and musings on Twitter.

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