Motivate yourself with energy management

You want to motivate yourself, but sometimes your thoughts pull you in the opposite direction. You’re there, working out, or carrying out chores when a thought pops into your head. The thought is about doing something that brings greater ease or enjoyment, and your attention shifts from what you’re doing. Suddenly, the mental energy you had available for your current task flows with your imagination. Energy transplants itself into motivation to do whatever you’re thinking about that seems better. On these occasions, you need to grasp back your energy and make it match your intentions.

Motivate yourself by managing your energy

Your mental energy goes to those ideas that seem to promote the most favorable outcome. If you’re cleaning out your closet, for example, and feeling overwhelmed when you see how many clothes you need to sift through, you are open to a fresh idea to take you away from your unease. Consequently, your obliging imagination produces an idea involving greater comfort; one in which you are no longer overwhelmed.

You examine the new thought about what you could be doing, picturing yourself and going through feelings as though you are engaged in the scene. As you think about details, your physical and emotional energy shifts into the fresh notion, away from sorting out your wardrobe. You think; “I am so tired of this chore, and want to stop and do what’s on my mind.”

However, you can move your energy back to the original task just as quickly as you got it to shift to a new idea. In the case mentioned about the closet, you would build motivation with positive thoughts. You might picture yourself reaching in to get out an outfit with ease, finding what you want quickly, and experience the bliss and comfort of the situation. Perhaps you may also imagine how great it will be not to have clothing that doesn’t fit you junking up space.

The thoughts that pull you away, stealing your enthusiasm to carry out intentions, are no more effective than those you can use to motivate yourself. You will gain the inspiration to begin, or return to any task if you use your imagination wisely. Build a positive picture in your mind and add emotions to aid success.


Motivation comes from mental energy
You are in charge of your mental energy
Mental energy comes from your thoughts
Use your imagination to energize your intentions
Picture what you want, adding emotions
If your energy shifts, bring it back

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