How to live well: 6 Lessons from a tree

Trees are stable, strong, flexible, and solid. They don’t hang on to what needs to go, and they naturally provide shelter and reach for the light. Perhaps we can learn a few lessons from them.

Recognize your potential

A humble acorn, once in contact with the right environment, is destined to become an oak. In the wrong circumstances though, without nourishment from good soil and enough water, it will not become a tree.

There is much you can learn from the growth process of a tree. If you don’t eat and drink the healthy foods and water needed, your body won’t be as fit as it ought to be. Similarly, if you are in an unhealthy environment, you won’t grow to reach your potential.

Be calm
Trees, of course, can’t be animated. However, their strength, which stems from being steady and unchanging, is an admirable quality. Calmness is associated with wisdom and sage-like qualities, as well as inner strength. When you babble, are frantic, or lose your cool, you are unstable.

Drop what doesn’t serve you
Trees, apart from evergreens, naturally lose their leaves when they are out of season. Humans, on the other hand, often hang on to what doesn’t serve them. Everything from clothing that doesn’t fit to damaging relationships are best released to the wind.

Provide shelter for others
All sorts of creatures and plants shelter under the branches of trees. Their foliage provides shade for anyone who sits beneath, and insects, animals and birds often make trees their homes. You don’t need to open your doors to strangers, unless you want to, but you can see the beauty of giving and spread kindness. Giving to others brings great rewards, as you benefit from feeling connected and finding meaning in the world by your actions.

Bend with the breeze
The trunks of trees may, or may not bend when it’s windy, but their branches are certainly flexible. If they didn’t bend, they would snap, and the same is true for humans. Flexibility of mind and body keeps you healthy and content.

Reach for the light
Trees, like many other life-forms, reach for the light. They need light to survive and develop. You too need light, not just daylight to keep your body clock in order, but metaphorical light. Light is associated with wisdom; hence enlightenment and positivity. You feel well when you have a lightness of spirit and a spring in your step. Step lightly when communicating with others to help them feel accepted. Indeed, keep a light heart and you’ll experience more joy.

Developing some of the qualities of trees can help you live a healthy, happy life. If you want strength of character, wisdom, and well-being, you could do far worse than reflecting on the merits of a tree.

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