Do You Live Your Life With Purpose?

Living your life with purpose is not only about working toward your dreams and goals. It’s about engaging with life using energy and awareness. Purpose can mean reason, as in having a reason to be alive. However, it can also refer to being awake and aware as you fully participate in your existence.

Naturally, you exist even if you don’t pay attention to doing so. You can go about your days on autopilot, not noticing your environment or why you behave in certain ways. Nonetheless, some would say that you are not really living when you operate with a dull state of mind.

You can energize your life by awakening your senses and questioning what happens. Look at why you act in certain ways and whether doing so is helpful or not. See if people you interact with influence you favourably or bring you down. Examine how your family, job, colleagues, the government and surroundings affect you. Also, assess whether you can make positive changes where necessary.

Similarly, squeeze the best out of every day instead of waiting for a special occasion or the weekend. You are alive now, in this moment and can make life special and worthwhile. What are you doing that works for you? Do it more often. What are you doing that doesn’t work for you? Try to stop wasting time carrying out actions that detract from you in some way.

For instance, do you want to spend eight hours a week or more gazing at tweets on Twitter or over twenty hours watching TV? If you do, fine, but don’t do so mindlessly, enjoy what you are doing and do it on purpose instead of distantly.

When you wake in the morning, set your aims for the day. What do you want to achieve? Instead of going with the flow, make things happen and create your life the way you want it to turn out. You can also liven up your senses by focusing on sensations such as taste, sight, sounds, smell and touch. Concentrate on eating as you do so, and on what you see, hear, feel, and scents that fill the air. If you do not like what you experience, control the environment as much as possible. Increase sensations you like and reduce those you don’t enjoy.

Living with purpose means you exist with resolve and drive. You determinedly fill your world with joy and are not content to allow life to simply happen without full involvement.

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