Increase confidence with body language

Most people understand that the human body, the way it moves, reveals something about its owner such as whether they are happy or sad. But, did you know that you can move your body in certain ways to create confidence? Studies show that how you hold your body sends messages to your mind as well as the other way around. Hence, you’ll feel happier if you smile, be more confident if you adopt a positive stance, and more energetic if you walk with a spring in your step. Of course, it works the other way round as well. Sit with your head bowed, hunch over, and take up minimal space and you’ll feel downcast and small.

Understanding that how you sit, stand or walk influences your emotions is important. Imagine you want to be more confident during business meetings, knowing that taking up a little more space in your chair, holding your head up, and uncrossing your arms will help you be more open and boost your self-esteem could be useful. Additionally, you could spend a few moments in the bathroom, before attending a meeting, while you adopt a power pose, like superman with your legs slightly apart and your hands on your hips, and you’ll automatically feel better able to speak up and be counted.

Naturally, you can avoid body language that brings you down too. For instance, fidgeting may make you nervous, and avoiding eye contact could cause you to feel as though what you are saying has little strength. If you want to be believable and have confidence, displaying the right body language will help you get this across to others while increasing your self-assurance.

Looking at body language in reverse, adopting poses to create a response, may be something that’s usually the choice of those hoping to lie successfully. Nonetheless, by using your body this way, you aren’t hoping to bamboozle anyone else, you want to fool yourself to get positive results. Once the movement of your body signals that you are being physically confident, you’ll automatically begin to create the feelings you want.

Body language can be used as a tool, and is very useful in the short-term when you want a boost, but if you are depressed, slapping a smile on your face won’t be enough to cure the problem. However, more research needs to be carried out in this area, and you could try to gradually ease into a happier state by regularly changing your body language to reflect how you want to feel.

When it comes to self-assurance though, research has already been carried out that proves it’s possible to use your body to achieve higher confidence. If you can’t remember how to do it and you need an instant fix, simply act as though you are already confident, despite how you feel. Imagine you are someone you know who is super-confident and move like they do. Pretty soon, you’ll feel bolder and less stressed.


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